Friday, July 8, 2016

There are many weight loss eating tips out there but many of them require that you follow a formal diet and let's face it, sometimes life is just too hectic. When you have too much going on yet you still have the desire and drive to lose weight, then the weight loss eating tips in this article will show you how to lose weight without adding to your to-do list.

Weight Loss Eating

1. Learn to eat mindfully. Mindful eating is the number one eating tip for the person who is always busy. The reason is because mindless eating can pack on the pounds.

To become more mindful simply practice eating with your 5 senses for the next 2 weeks. When you have your meal or snack in front of you actually look at it. Sounds crazy but go with me here, then as best you can try to notice if the food has an aroma, now take a bite and listen to hear if the food makes a crunch noise, pay attention to how the bite of food feels as it moves over your tongue and lastly taste the food.  This will make you naturally more aware of the foods you eat and help you slow down and eat less.

2. Have a method for stopping ready to use. A big challenge for the busy person is stopping eating when they know in their head they are full. It just seems easier to keep eating until the entire food item is gone but of course this is bad for the waistline.

Have a distraction ready that allows you to move away from the act of eating and save yourself hundreds of calories each day. Try putting a piece of gum in your mouth or simply folding your napkin over your plate.

3. Make better eating decisions by learning how to rate your true hunger. There are two types of hunger: true physical hunger and emotional hunger. If you find yourself eating at times when you are not physically hungry you can easily overeat and get fat.

Learn to rate your hunger by simply asking yourself how hungry you feel in your stomach right before you eat. Then assign this hunger a number on a scale of 0 to 10. By bringing your awareness to your true hunger you will more easily avoid unneeded eating.

When life is too hectic to follow a formal diet, yet you still want the weight loss, use these effective weight loss eating tips to get the weight off.

Losing this extra weight you are carrying is possible but there are things you must do first.

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